About us



As a passionate sailor and outdoor person it has always been of utmost importance to me to have an eye on preserving nature and natural resources. My own ecological
footprint is something I always want to keep as small as possible.

What started as a small side project in 2003, has over the years developed into a company that today convinces customers all over the world by the efficiency of its products. With Fibertec it is my objective to produce the most innovative and environmentally friendly textile and leather care products in Germany. From the very first day we at Fibertec have cooperated closely with various suppliers, thereby accessing particularly environmentally friendly and efficient raw materials. We produce all our products, bottles, caps and labels here in Germany – only two spray cans are filled in the Netherlands.

In doing so, “good” is never good enough for us. Always striving for progress and improvement, we are beginning 2017 in a new look with new labels and new product names. The designations and colour designs make it significantly easier to identify washing, impregnation and shoe care products.

We are particularly proud of our new sustainable packaging. As a novelty on the world market we use a 100% plant-based plastic for our 250 ml bottles. In addition, we go easy on resources by now offering our bestsellers also in refill packs, thereby reducing packaging material by 83%.

We are happy if you share our enthusiasm and passion for Fibertec products and wish you many more great adventures while out in nature.

Guido Augustiniak