We at Fibertec have always pursued two principles since our foundation:

On the one we want to offer the highest quality impregnation and care products, on the other we research intensively for new environmentally compatible and particularly effective technologies.

Through close cooperation with various raw material suppliers, we have access to particularly environmentally-friendly active substances.

Also with regard to the environmental compatibility of the packaging of our
Products we set standards. For example, an elaborate two-chamber system in our spray cans ensures that these cans spray with compressed air and without gases.

For social and ecological reasons, we produce our products exclusively in Germany and the Netherlands.

Impregnating and washing agents with particularly environmentally-friendly active ingredients and spray cans that spray with compressed air require special raw materials as well as manufacturing and processing methods. These are more expensive and cost-intensive than less environmentally-friendly mass goods. We are convinced that the effort is worthwhile for more environmental compatibility and sustainability.