Textile Guard Pro-X


Deeplinks:   Produkt-Eigenschaften (Bulletpoints):   <ul> <li>100% PFOA-free</li> <li>strong water, dirt and oil repellent</li> <li>spray with compressed air, contains no propellants</li> <li>optimizes the breathability of waterproof breathable garments</li> <li>recommended for GORE-TEX® and other functional membranes</li> <li>solvent based</li> <li>developed in Germany, produced in Netherlands</li> <li>vegan</li> </ul> Eco-Icons:  
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water, dirt and oil repellent impregnation for functional outerwear

  • 100% PFOA-free
  • strong water, dirt and oil repellent
  • spray with compressed air, contains no propellants
  • optimizes the breathability of waterproof breathable garments
  • recommended for GORE-TEX® and other functional membranes
  • solvent based
  • developed in Germany, produced in Netherlands
  • vegan

Product Description

Textile Guard Pro-X is the new name for our very succesfull Blue Guard Textile. A very effective special impregnation for clothing made of natural and synthetic fabrics. It maintains and protects high-quality functional clothing, has not only severely water – but also dirt and oil repellent. Optimizes the breathability in waterproof-breathable clothing. For rainwear, skiing and sailing clothing, motorcycle clothing, soft shells, gloves, etc.. Textile Guard Pro-X is recommended for the treatment of GORE-TEX® clothing.

Textile Guard Pro-X contains no PFOS and PFOA.

Fibertec spray cans spray through an elaborate 2-chamber system with compressed air – completely without propellants, and therefore real 200ml pure impregnation is contained therein.

Textile Guard Pro-X is the solvent-based variant of the Textile Guard Pro, which former named product Blue Guard SprayOn was tested in September 2015 by Stiftung Warentest and the test winner in the category “special impregnation for textiles” been chosen.

By evaporating the solvents, Textile Guard Pro-X is activates to approx 90% by drying at room temperature. In some cases, heat treatment can significantly increase the repellent effect. After spraying, allow the impregnation to be ventilated for at least 12 hours! Then place the textile in the tumble dryer for about 30 minutes at normal temperature. If no tumble dryer is available, the textile can be ironed as an alternative at level 1 (synthetic temperature).

Additional Information

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